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I no longer offer private energy therapy or pet energy sessions

Lisa’s Energy Therapy Technique:

My energy therapy is a spiritual healing modality for those who are already engaged in their own healing and spiritual journey work. This therapy is not for those only looking to try it out of curiousity or who have little to no awareness or understanding of their own energy, as it’s a healing modality that you work with personally and with intentions. I work predominantly with starseeds and lightworkers.

  • I channel multiple healing energies of various frequencies through your energy field to clear unconscious energy patterns and blockages, and an analysis of your energy as it presented itself and changed in your session is discussed with you afterward
  • I tap into the spirit dimension of you and intuitively read and feel your energy and then make the needed changes, usually with the assistance of 7th – 12th dimensional light beings. This is my primary method of energy healing. I do not do Reiki or other taught techniques.
  • If you find yourself booking an energy therapy session with me, then you are likely in need of a DEEP PURGE of old, dark or heavy energy blocks to get you to your next levels. This is what I help people with the most. Energy that comes up in my sessions tends to be heavy, traumatic or dark (but not always) — it depends on what you’ve given yourself to clear and resolve in this lifetime.
  • Energy blocks come up in layers according to what you’re ready for at any given point in your life. These layers can be made up of unresolved childhood emotions/experiences, trauma energy, unresolved past life energy, ancestral energy, fragmented or misaligned energy, or energy absorbed from around you or influencing you.
  • Healing happens through a clearing process of lower vibrational energy, such as fear, negative thought programs, trapped emotions, karmic energy, etc. In clearing low vibration energy from your field, a higher vibration automatically and naturally fills in the space (because you are already divine in nature), and your healing and spiritual awakening process is accelerated, bringing in more self-clarity. This is a peeling away process—not a building or creative process.
  • Energy healing works simply by clearing and recalibrating energy. It’s your healed energy that then goes to work on healing the rest of you — body, mind, emotions and life path. This is why there is a processing time after each session, which can include mild to severe detox and integration processing symptoms.
  • These energy treatments are deep, and so their effects need TIME to integrate and process in between treatments. I don’t do any treatments any more frequently than 3-week spans, and I actually encourage longer spans to give your treatment the time needed to integrate and recalibrate your energy — 6-12 week intervals are ideal — but some can benefit from 4-5 week intervals in the beginning of the treatment path, particularly if working with childhood trauma.
  • To fully benefit from these sessions YOU MUST PERSONALLY WORK WITH THEM. This means continuing your healing process with full self awareness and engagement and following your own inner guidance on further healing support in whatever ways you are drawn to, such as dreamwork, self-reflection or in conjunction with other healing modalities.
  • What you experience or feel somatically or emotionally in an energy therapy session solely depends on the level of your own energy-sensing ability. Some people can feel their own energy, while some people can’t. Whether you do or not has no effect on the outcome of your session.
  • Some sessions have the potential to immediately bring up unexpected, sometimes overwhelming, emotions and/or sleepiness as part of the detox and integration effects, and so please keep this in mind when scheduling an appointment around your day
  • If you are committed to your own healing process and fully ready for it, tougher challenges and conditions can ultimately be healed or at least improved on to various degrees over a series of energy therapy sessions. But all outcomes are entirely dependent on YOU and your level of self-awareness, spiritual connection, sincere desire for change and how much effort you put into yourself and your healing and evolution.


All information on this website has been written by Lisa Malcolm and is strictly specific to Lisa’s own energy therapy work. Feel free to share my info, but in doing so please credit my name and website – much appreciated! Images, however, are not free for sharing.