What is “5D”? Here’s a brief description of the 5th dimension:


5D is a higher dimension in every being that exists in a continuous state of presence in the now (no past or future) where there is only peace, joy, harmony, unconditional love -or I could also describe it as an absence of fear. (Our being exists in all dimensions all at once, the 3D plane being the obvious one).This is also known as the ‘enlightened’ state, which is the state that the Buddha recognized in himself, along with multiple other enlightened masters, many of them ascended, but many also still walking around too (regular humans who have ‘realized’ this) because it’s actually our natural, authentic state. Every human being exists in a 5D state right here, right now, we just don’t realize it because we are blocked by illusions that tell us otherwise.

This 5D state can be fully realized in an instantaneous moment, like the Buddha realized it, but that’s just not the common way to come to that realization right now because the illusions are so strong and gripping at this current level of our evolution, and it’s also not something that can be forced. But we can cultivate the 5D awareness within us through healing, clearing, presence practice, ego work , thought-form work, spiritual practices, self awareness, connecting to 5D environments, such as nature, etc.

Through this process, which is also what we call our ascension process, the 5D state gradually fills up more space within us where there was once almost all 3D/4D state. The 5D balance begins to gradually tip as our inner state, and at the same time, our 3D state (our bodies, where we live, who and what we are around, our resources, money, etc.) also simultaneously falls into alignment with our more predominant inner state. Everything stays in proportion more or less.

What’s unique about ascending into 5D right now at this time is we are doing it collectively because the earth herself is making her ascension, and so just by living on earth right now we have no choice but to be influenced, to various degrees, by her process.

Anyway, that’s the short of it 🙂