What is “4D”? Here’s a brief description of the 4th dimension:


The 4th dimension is the dimension of our mind, or in other words, our inner state of polarity – love/fear; dark/light; pain/peace. It’s the dimension in which we think, dream (the regular subconscious processing type dreams), but where we also do much of our healing and learning as our human awakens to itself in its higher dimensions of non polarity. 4D goes hand in hand with our 3D experience.

Derivatives of fear, which only exists in 4D, are emotional pain and suffering, trauma, ego, harmful beliefs and illusions (the exception is the instinct of fear in 3D as a survival mechanism, but I’m not getting into that). 4D is also the only dimension where time exists. All other dimensions, including 3D, exist in the now, which is timeless.

While we’re in the 3rd dimension we have the option to reside in the inner state of 4D or higher. When we no longer have our physical bodies, a significant aspect of us can remain attached in 4D much like it did while in 3D if that’s just where we stayed, and so in this way, we can find many etheric beings who reside in 4D because they’re still attached to polarity. So, 4D can inhabit the full spectrum of entities and beings, from passed on loved ones who haven’t detached from polarity, to an infinite number of other beings who naturally vibrate at a 4D level.

But 4D is more than just an astral realm of polarized energy forms and beings, it’s a necessary bridge state between 3 and 5D while we are ascending. 4D is an integral part of our ascension playing field. By the way, it’s our human that is ascending, not our soul. Our soul is already fully realized divine source.

Just my slant on 4D, it is a vast realm that many people have loads of great insight into, and so there is so much more to say about it, and maybe even info that is more accurate than mine.