The Old Matrix: empaths feeling guilty to receive because we’ve been programmed to not receive, just give – yes, it’s an actual mind program that has been running in the female and empath collectives for centuries – getting passed down through ancestral lines. The program makes us feel like we must immediately give something back to the one we received from in order to pay for it. And the gift can be a physical gift or money, advice, compassion, time, help, support, etc.

The New Matrix: Gratefully receive the gift and then reciprocate the energy by giving what you have naturally to offer the world in any way that spontaneously arises. Put it out there just like your gifter put their natural gift out to you. Your gift may not directly reach your gifter, although it might (don’t force it), but it will reach someone in need of what you uniquely have to give. More authenticity and balance is maintained this way. Everyone has unique gifts – let them flow.