For anyone who works with interdimensional beings, I, personally, am very picky about who I engage with inter-dimensionally, just as I am with people. Some good rules of thumb, based on my own opinion and experience, are as follows:

  1. When you’re calling in beings to work with, specifically ask that they are from a particular dimension of at least 5th dimension or from any dimension 5th or higher. There is nothing wrong with the 4th dimension, but this is the place where the full spectrum of vibration is generated and so it can be tricky to discern between the good ones and the less good ones. Why not avoid 4th altogether – I do. Lower vibe beings are very good at deception for even the most experienced inter-dimensional traveller and do so when they want something from you.
  1. If you’re already in a higher dimension such as in meditation or an energy healing process and a being shows up, again watch for deception because when beings come in unasked it could be because there was a vacuum in you that they slipped into in order to get something from you (and teach you!). But it’s not always a lower vibe being and so a good formula to plug in in this case is to say ‘if you’re not 100% aligned in divine love and light, please leave’ – it works, you’ll see them leave.
  1. If you want to hang out with lower vibe beings, there’s nothing wrong with that either, they’re not all necessarily “bad” or extremely harmful, although many can drain you or, more importantly, block you from higher connections or perpetuate blocks for you in general, and so why play around?

But if you choose to hang out with these characters, it’s really no different than hanging out with lower ‘vibing’ people – keep your boundaries and your wits about you and they’ll succeed in helping you learn whatever it is they showed up to teach you!

Note: lower vibrational beings often have a more opaque quality to them and can sometimes come in quite clearly because their vibe is closest to 3D vibe. The higher the vibe the being, the more light they have and so the more difficult they are to ‘see’ clearly.