1. Any negative thought that you think in your own voice (or other voices) coming through as words are negative programs that are running into your mind from the astral realm via a channel of negative energy you’re plugged into. Don’t believe it. We’re all plugged into these things (it’s a collective phenomenon), and it’s our spiritual and healing practice to unplug by a.) becoming aware of them when they come through, and b.) then choosing to not believe them.
  2. Some thoughts will come up from previous thoughts like a chain reaction. This happens when your mind is cycling many thoughts. These are not necessarily meaningless, but they really don’t have much to offer you. For example, when you find yourself thinking of something seemingly random but can trace it back to two or three previous thoughts that reminded you of it.
  3. If your mind is clear and a “random” image comes through, then you’ve just been shown an energy imprint that’s coming up within you right now. For example, your mind is clear and quiet, such as in meditation, and a vision of a Starbucks you’ve been to in NYC comes up out of nowhere. Make a personal association with that image (in other words, interpret it like a dream symbol) and that’s your unconscious/energy field talking to you in energy code (exactly like nighttime dreams) and trying to show you something coming up right now.
  4. If you’re tuning into higher guidance and asking for messages and you suddenly hear yourself say in your mind ‘scaffolding’ or maybe you see an image of scaffolding, then you’re likely being guided to go ‘higher’ in something – there’s some guidance you’ve been asking for, it’s that simple. Words or images from higher guidance will come through within a clear mind. If your mind is cluttered with the above types of thoughts, then it’s much harder to distinguish.