Fear is something we’re all very familiar with through experience, but yet understand very little. We take it for granted because it’s so easily felt in response to any kind of a trigger that can activate it. When we feel fear, or anxiety which is also a form of fear, we automatically assume that’s it’s ‘our’ fear we’re feeling. We take ownership of it; we make it personal. And when something is personal, we put pressure on ourselves to try to figure out a way to fix it.

But I have seen fear at its origin. I was shown fear and enabled to study it from all angles at its source, and so I have come to know that fear isn’t personal at all. No one owns their fear. We can feel fear, but we can’t own it. That’s because fear is a collective energy force that developed as a derivative of the human mind (which is also a collective energy force in itself). This force of energy called fear is actually infinite (as is the human mind). There is no beginning and no end to fear – it goes on forever like a bottomless pit– much like how we imagine the eternal fire of hell to be. In fact, I believe that’s exactly what it is, and it’s exactly how I saw it in its energy form – an eternal pit of fire. When I put my right arm into the fear fire, I would feel it. When I removed my arm, I wouldn’t feel it. I did this experiment while in a deep meditative state with high dimensional guidance, and so was able to use my energy body to explore fear energy directly.

If fear is not a natural part of each of us and is, instead, an infinite well of energy that is separate from us, then we don’t need to feel it so chronically as we currently do. We can actually just pull our arm out the fear fire and recognize it for what it is: a grand illusion that does not even have to exist within our field of consciousness if we make a choice to not plug into it.

I know that these kinds of concepts can be a challenge to understand, and it’s not really that important that they’re understood on an intellectual level. But awareness that fear can actually be viewed from an entirely objective point of view can be a very healing practice if generated regularly when fear feels like it’s getting a grip on you.

There is a lot of talk of great collective fear right now with the current Covid-19 pandemic and how we can easily pick this fear up from others. But fear doesn’t belong to others either. It belongs to no one. It’s a separate force that we are all – as a collective – plugging into like plugging into the internet when you turn on your computer. Regardless of who else is plugged into the fear force, you don’t have to be, and all it takes is a regular awareness practice – awareness that you are not fear and you do not own fear, and that any fear you feel is a cue that you have plugged into something that is separate from you and so does not need to be plugged into.

Everyone who unplugs from the infinite pit of fear contributes to the breakdown of this grand illusion. I wish you all the grace that awareness brings. Awareness is light, and light is what we already are, we just forget that sometimes. But we will all remember again eventually because it’s our destiny.