1. Sit straight, comfortably and in darkness if you can (it’s easier to ‘see’ in the dark). Take a few relaxed, but deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth and then ask/intend that your energy grounds down into the earth from your lower chakras, while opens to the max at your upper chakras.
  2. Feel a large mineral or crystal connect to your feet and then extend down into the earth’s centre and lodge itself in a bed of crystal. Alternatively, you can visually connect with your Earth Star chakra, which is silver in colour and located below your feet. Then feel the top of your head (crown chakra) opening as wide as possible.
  1. Now imagine or feel your own energy spinning fast within your body core and see it as white light. This only needs to be for up to a minute or so or whatever comes natural to you. This generates more higher frequency light within your energy in order to connect easier to higher frequency beings.
  1. Ask that your guides, or at least one of them, come forward to you with either a healing, clearing, energy activation, answer or message of any length, and then *clear your mind* and follow your breath (meaning, just feel it, don’t think about it) until something comes through. You might get a word or a picture or you might just sense a presence at either your right or left or directly in front of you.
  1. Continue to focus on and follow your breath until you tune into something, which may only be subtle at first. Just go with whatever comes even if it’s just a sense or a feeling in your body. Tuning into an initial contact of some form will eventually take you on a wave forward deeper into the contact if you practice regularly and/or release doubts (which is fear) and ego commentary.
  1. Do this for as little or as much time as you want, but daily practice is key if you want to deepen and expand on your experiences. Also be aware that different days can bring different experiences – some days you may feel more strongly connected, while other days you won’t. These fluctuations are dependent on your own energy frequency on that particular day and also the level of energy you’re guided to tune into that day. Sometimes you’ll need strong clearing or receive a strong activation, while other days the clearing or download will be more subtle, or you may get very little if your energy is still processing from a previous day and needs rest.

I do all kinds of inner work on myself, but I do make a point to once a day go in and ask my light family to bring me something that ‘they’ want to bring forth to me for that day. Sometimes I get a healing and sometimes it’s information – I leave it up to the higher dimensions of my being. This is an excellent practice to open yourself up to receiving and being guided by your higher-self intentions, while getting some of our lower, more ego-based, intentions out of the way, and of course this is only one of countless ways to connect with your family of light.