1. Must be an energy healer or lightworker who is either already established in your energy healing practice, in the process of planning to set up a practice, or engaging in energy healing or planetary lightwork on a personal and less formal, *but regular, basis. If your system of energy healing (from an outside source) is unfamiliar to me, I can still offer a mentorship, but not on the specifics of your particular system.
  2. Must be already well immersed in your own self-healing journey and tuned into your own ascension process and personal energy vibration shifts (even if just subtly or just at the beginning stages of gaining this awareness). If you don’t know what I mean by ‘ascension process’ or ‘energy vibration’ then you do not meet the pre-requisites for this program at this time, but please feel free to research these topics, and if they resonate with your current level of personal healing journey or spiritual path right now, then you can get back to me again then! 🙂


An energy healer is someone who uses their natural abilities to heal self and others by channeling healing energy, or uses a known system to do so, such as Reiki or other established healing method.

A lightworker is someone who has the calling to anchor healing on the planet using their natural intuitive, energy-sensing, and other spiritual gifts via their naturally high vibrational light body. Most energy healers are lightworkers.




My mentorships provide an avenue for a combination of personal healing and guidance for lightworker healers who find themselves either in a transition phase in their energy healing or lightwork service, who are ready to take their healing or practice to the next level, or who feel stuck in certain areas of personal healing, energy healing practice, or both.

Each mentorship runs on a monthly commitment basis up to a maximum of 4 months. This allows you to work with me only one month at a time with no obligation to financially commit to multiple months. One month of mentorship may be all you need to get you set on your way!

Your official start date is marked by the first call meeting and monthly payment made.




  • 3 calls per month up to 1 hour each. YOU direct the call with the topics you want to discuss as well as the length of the call up to an hour. Calls can be made via Zoom or regular phone.
  • One personal Soul Record Reading done by me per month (or you can swap this out in any month for an additional 1 hr call). Please see Soul Record Readings for more details.
  • Email support as needed is included in between calls but they must pertain, more or less, to the previous call. Any new major topics introduced should be done at one of the calls. Note, also, that my replies can take up to 2 days to come back to you due to time constraints on my schedule. If your email is lengthy and detailed it may take me longer, although I do prioritize the emails of my mentees.




What we do or discuss in a call is entirely up to you! Here is a list of topics and added guidance and healing that can be covered in the phone calls:


  • Short stints of distant energy healing can be offered
  • One-card oracle guidance (one per call) can be offered
  • Help with personal healing issues
  • Help with energy boundaries, ascension process, vibration shifting symptoms
  • Developing intuition and reading psychic impressions
  • Reading energy
  • Treating clients in your energy healing practice, including issues you may run into with clients
  • Energy healing business questions – examples include appointment content or structure, promoting your practice, office set-up, distance work, clientele, etc.
  • Reiki teaching
  • Treating animals
  • How to heal your own energy
  • Dreams – we can work with your own dreams or discuss how to work with them
  • Any other discussion you want that pertains to energy or healing. If I can’t offer guidance on your particular question or topic then we have to move on to something else. I won’t be able to research anything new in order to offer you something I’m not familiar with.
  • Anything introduced that’s not on this list is admissible as long as I feel knowledgeable enough to help you with it. If you introduce a topic that is not on this list, I cannot guarantee I can cover it.


Here is what I cannot offer in this program:

  • Recommended reading material, courses, or any other external sources of info
  • Referrals to other practitioners, modalities or therapies
  • In-person meetings
  • Phone calls in between the designated number alotted per month
  • Guidance on channeling or mediumship (for now anyway!)




Each month costs $390.00 total (includes tax)

-If you pre-book the full 4-month program with full pre-payment, you save 20% off the total cost (and so a total with tax of $1250 instead of $1550 = a $300 savings), but it cannot be refunded or transferred. An option would be to try a one-month commitment first, and then decide if you’d like to go for the 4-month package, in which case the 4-month maximum would be extended to 5 months.

– Payment per month is due immediately upon the agreed date to start the program and is non-refundable once we begin the program on that date. Continuing monthly payments according to however many months you’d like to continue must be made on that same date as initial payment every month.

-All payments are to be made by e-transfer or credit card, although all credit card payments come with an additional $10 fee (so $400 monthly total). The 4-month pre-paid deal payment on credit card comes with a $35 fee added on. E-transfer payments have no additional fees.

-You are allowed one free date or time change per month on a pre-planned call. Any other missed calls at the designated time cannot be replaced.

-Calls cannot be booked any later than a start time of 5 pm and are not offered Fri to Sun. Anyone who can schedule calls earlier than 5 pm or early in the day in general will be preferred over those who have strict time restrictions because of my own time restrictions due to my other ongoing services.




If you decide you’d like to apply for my private mentorship program after reading all of the info on this page, please send me an email to or fill out my contact form on this website and include the following information:

  • Energy healing background (or lightwork)
  • What you are currently doing in the realm of energy healing (or lightwork)
  • Any other pertinent personal info if you have any, including components of your personal healing journey, that are *relevant to your purpose for seeking a mentorship
  • Goals, intentions, purpose for seeking a mentorship at this time
  • All available/restricted days and times for mentor calls
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