To learn the healing art of Reiki is to embark on a path of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

In 1922, a man named Mikao Usui was awakened to his true divine nature while meditating on Mt. Kurama in Japan, and in the process became aware of the powerful healing ability of universal spirit through his hands. Reiki—universal life force energy—flowed through his body and was able to heal himself and others physically, emotionally and spiritually. This healing energy has now been passed down to over a million Reiki practitioners around the world.

LEARN REIKI (Usui Shiki Ryoho):

  • Level 1 ~ $150.00 + HST (Total $170)
  • Level 2 ~ $235.00 + HST (Total $270)
  • Level 3 (Master/Teacher) ~ $525.00 + HST (Total $600)



  • Contact me to register, inquire, or put yourself on a cancellation list for any filled classes or to be put on the waitlist for future classes. Waitlist is the best way to get into classes if there are no open classes listed here.
  • Deposit required in order to register for all classes: Reiki Level 1 – $50.00; Reiki Level 2 – $50.00; Reiki Level 3 – $100.00. Level 1 & 2 deposits can be refunded only up to 7 days before the class.  For Reiki Level 3/Master it’s 14 days, not 7. Deposits paid by etransfer (no credit card). I CANNOT HOLD PLACES WITHOUT DEPOSITS.

I am an 8th generation Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and so all classes provide you with full authentic Reiki certification in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Tradition

Entry into each level requires completion of the previous level as a pre-requisite. To sign up for Level 1 Reiki there is no pre-requisite whatsoever – anyone can do it!

For any current energy therapy clients of mine, please note that Reiki is not the same as the energy therapy that I do

Here is a helpful online resource for anyone not familiar with Reiki:

Any Reiki level, including Master, can be an entirely fulfilling personal spiritual path even if you never feel guided to treat others with Reiki

🌸 1st Degree Reiki (Level 1) ~

In this one-day class, you will learn the essential foundational information on Reiki, including when, where and how it originated and developed, what Reiki is, and how to do it! Reiki Level 1 also emphasizes the fundamental principle of Reiki healing, which is to surrender and allow its higher wisdom to guide and heal. You will receive the Level 1 attunement, which introduces Reiki energy into your energy channel through your crown, heart and palm chakras—initiating opening and clearing in your intuitive channel (specifically crown, third eye and heart chakras). You will then have the opportunity to practice giving and receiving Reiki with your classmates. Reiki Level 1 certification enables you to treat yourself, others, and even animals, plants or anything else with Reiki, but not at a formal practitioner level. It is a time to make a personal connection with Reiki energy and allow it to heal you and create a powerful new opening on your personal healing/spiritual journey. A 3-week personal cleansing period after receiving a Reiki attunement can also be expected for most students—although how this unfolds can be different for everyone. If furthering your Reiki practice with a Level 2 certification is of interest, I personally suggest to wait about a month before you take it, but it can be taken on the same weekend as Level 1 with no problem. You must go with your own feeling on it. There is no maximum time after certification in Reiki Level 1 to take Reiki Level 2, and many Reiki healers are content to stay at Level 1 for the rest of their lives.

🌸 2nd Degree Reiki (Level 2) ~

In this one-day class, you will further your knowledge of Reiki with the introduction of three sacred Reiki symbols used to deepen and strengthen your Reiki energy channel and practice. The Level 2 attunement is a deeper attunement that introduces an even higher vibration of energy into your channel—bridging your conscious self to your unconscious for deeper emotional and multidimensional healing. You will also learn and be attuned to the Reiki distant healing symbol (one of the three symbols introduced) and will have an opportunity to practice distant Reiki in the class (there is no in-person practice in Level 2). Level 2 allows for you to practice Reiki, including distant Reiki, at a practitioner level and to formally charge for your sessions (although there is nothing in Reiki teachings that ever forces anyone to adhere to strict rules, and that includes charging or not charging for your Reiki treatments regardless of level acquired). Some tips on how to professionally and effectively offer Reiki treatments in a more formalized setting as a professional practitioner will also be included, as well as some general information on the chakra system, even though this part of the training is not part of traditional Reiki teachings.

🌸 3rd Degree Reiki (Level 3 Master/Teacher) ~

This is a two-part Reiki Master/Teacher level spanning 2 days (Saturday-Sunday) and is the highest level attained. This is an intensive weekend in both attunement energy as well as class content, so commit to come prepared both physically and mentally 🙂

  • Advanced Reiki Training (ART): This half-day portion of the class is held on the Saturday morning and is sometimes called the personal development level of the Reiki Master certification, as it focuses on you, the practitioner, and aims to prepare you to become a strong and independent Reiki Master and teacher. Tibetan symbols are introduced in this part and you receive an attunement. Level 3 attunements are higher in vibration than the attunements for Levels 1 and 2 because they attune on the soul level, i.e. attune the more subtle levels of the energy field. You will also learn tradtional Reiki meditations as well as crystal grid-work.
  • 3rd Degree Reiki Master: This 1.5-day class immediately follows ART and prepares you to teach and attune others to all levels of Reiki. You also receive the Reiki Master symbol and attunement. Upon completion of this level you are certified as a Reiki Master and can proceeed to teach Reiki if you wish. After you have taught and attuned your first student to Reiki you are only then considered a Reiki Master/Teacher. Reiki Masters, however, never have to teach—it’s a personal choice.


Two attunments in one weekend can be intense for some people. However, it is strongly encouraged to complete the two days even if you are feeling tired or experiencing other heavier detox effects from the first day’s attunement. The second day’s attunement will usually counteract these effects. If you do not complete the second day of the weekend, you cannot receive your certificate and will have to pay half of the full cost to finish the certification on another date. This is because you will be taking up another space in another class in which spaces are limited. This cost is in addition to the full payment you already made for the original class. So please commit to completing your Master training in the designated weekend.


  • Manual
  • Certificate
  • Reiki attunement
  • Class size max. 9 with 3 tables to use for practice in Level 1 (Level 2 & 3 classes usually have a smaller number)
  • Provided light snacks
  • Convenient Halifax location with plenty of eating establishments nearby
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