Energy Therapy Sessions 🐍:

I offer DISTANT ONLY energy therapy sessions, which include the following components:

  • Pre-consultation on Zoom or phone
  • Energy work session (60-80 mins)
  • Post-treatment consultation on the analysis of your energy and treatment done
  • Email support as needed for 3 weeks following a treatment, including my post-treatment healing and integration guide emailed after all first-time appts
  • An audio recording of your post-session summary sent to you after every appt.
  • You must be 19 yrs or older to have energy therapy. The nature of this therapy requires a certain level of maturity and full independence because it is deep personal work that children and some young people are not yet ready or able to work with.
  • Cost: $200 (includes tax) / 2 Hr
  • See  ENERGY THERAPY  for a detailed description on what this therapy is and does

These energy treatments are deep, and so their effects need more time to integrate and process in between treatments because of the particularly high vibration of healing energy that I channel. For this reason I recommend longer spans between treatments. I don’t do any treatments any more frequently than 3 week spans, and I encourage longer spans to give your treatment the time needed to integrate and recalibrate your energy — 4-8 week intervals are ideal. Some sessions have the potential to bring up unexpected, sometimes overwhelming, emotions and/or sleepiness, and so please keep this in mind when scheduling an appointment around your day. No weekend or evening appointments available.


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Pet Energy Therapy Sessions 🐶:

  • DISTANT ONLY energy therapy sessions available for any type of pet. All appointments include an energy work session and email summary of the session sent immediately afterward.
  • Energy therapy is offered for pets with physical or behavioral/emotional issues
  • Energy therapy is also offered for deceased pets to help the owner and pet connect and heal
  • Typically only 1-2 sessions are needed to heal the issue for pets
  • You must contact me personally to book pet energy sessions, they cannot be booked via my booking link
  • Cost: $100 (includes tax)
  • If you would like more info on pet energy healing or to make a booking, please  CONTACT ME

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