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Energy Healing & Channeling Exercises:


If you have crystals/stones and are interested in learning how to transmit their energy into your own energy field, here is an easy and quick, but powerful, exercise that was shown to me by my own crystals.
You can do this exercise with your favourite crystals/stones or all of them, and don’t limit yourself to stones, try feathers, river rocks, trees and flowers too! The wider the variety and size you work with, the more info you’ll gather about your stones.


1. Wrap your left hand around a crystal or stone (move to right hand or both if you feel intuitively drawn to)
2. Ask the crystal to transmit all of its information, energy frequencies and healing energies into your energy field, and thank it.
3. Remain still and open as you receive your transmission and watch for any of the following possibilities:
– feelings in your body or particular chakras (activations)
– colours
– images or messages/Information downloads coming through other voices or your own voice
– a slight headache or ‘icky’ feeling: this means the crystal is clearing something from you . Stay with it til it subsides!
– memories or other content from your life coming to mind (also indicative of clearing)
-some crystals will feel powerful and very strong, while others very subtle maybe even feeling like nothing’s happening . With these more subtle energies, stay with it longer and you’ll tune into the gentle clearing and healing process that’s happening. I have quite a large smoky quartz that I thought would pack a powerful punch but it didn’t at all. I stayed with it and eventually felt its gentle energy softly cleansing my outer aura
– different “personalities” of each crystal coming through
– a feeling of being loved, protected or cared for
– and the list goes on. Be open to your crystals.
4. Do it for as long as you want, you’ll know when to stop. Thank your crystal and feel the joy and gratitude of having discovered your crystal’s special energy that it’s sharing with you.
Working with crystal and stone energy in this way can create deep healing and so drink water to keep the energy flushing going, and rest if needed afterward if you’ve received a substantial transmission




1. Sit straight and comfortably and in darkness if you can (easier to see in the dark). Take a few deep breaths and then ask/intend that your energy grounds into the earth from your lower chakras, while opens to the max at your upper chakras.
2. Feel a large mineral or crystal connect to your feet and then extend down into the earths centre and lodge itself in a bed of crystal. Alternatively, visually connect with your earth star chakra in silver a few feet below your feet. Then feel the top of your head opening as wide as possible.
3. Then imagine or feel your own energy spinning fast within your body core and see it as white light. This only needs to be for up to a minute or less – whatever comes natural to you. This generates more higher frequency light within your energy in order to connect easier to higher frequency beings.
4. Ask that your guides, or at least one of them, come forward to you with either a healing, an instruction or a message of any length and then *clear your mind* and follow your breath (meaning, just feel it, don;t think about it) until something comes through. You might get a word, or a picture or you might just sense a presence at either your right or left or right in front of you .
5. Continue to focus on and follow your breath until you tune into something, which may be just subtle at first . Just go with whatever comes even if it’s just a sense or a feeling in your body. Tuning into an initial contact of some form will then take you on a wave forward deeper into the contact if you practice regularly.
6. Do this for as little or much time as you want but daily practice is key if you want to sharpen the skill.
I do all kinds of inner work on myself but I make a point to once a day go in and ask my light family to bring me something that ‘they’ want to bring forth to me for that day . Sometimes I get a healing and sometimes it’s information. This is an excellent practice to open yourself up to receiving and being guided by your higher self intentions, while getting some of our lower, more ego-based intentions out of the way, and is only one of countless ways to connect with your family of light.




Body issues include body rejection, body hatred, food addictions (over or under-eating), lack of grounding, struggling with achieving health/physical/weight goals, obsession with external appearance, rejection of being in physical form in general, etc.
If you resonate with any of this, you may be suffering from an energetic disconnection from your physical body. I discovered my own disconnect when I happened to tune into my body as separate from me and I saw myself filling the separated body with food in a numbed, mindless state, over and over again. Once I ‘saw’ this energetic condition within myself, I spent literally 10 minutes going within and retrieved my disconnected body and reintegrated with it.
I’ll outline the steps on how to do this below. If you cannot visualize well, don’t worry, just the intention set to do this will have a powerful impact on instigating this healing . Some of you will experience an immediate and impactful reintegration of your body, and some of you will not experience it as intensely and, instead, will benefit from just getting the ball rolling on your healing process . Either way, this exercise will help you where you are right now to propel you forward in your body issue healing.


1. Get into a quiet, still place within you and ask light beings of love to surround you and assist you in finding and then healing your disconnected body.
2. See or feel yourself on a path or road somewhere (it doesn’t matter where) and begin to walk with the clear intention to find your body. Go with whatever feeling, sense or visual comes to you.
3. Just to help you, I quite quickly found my body in the form of a shell of my body, it was just standing there as a shell, not moving, no life, because I wasn’t in it, I had left it there in rejection of it. And so you will likely find your body shell, but be open to other possibilities.
4. Attempt to bring your body shell into you (or you go into it, doesn’t matter which way) and then *notice what you feel. At this point you may discover the feelings and reasons why you’ve rejected your body in the first place. Let your own feelings or visuals cue you on what happened along the way. You may or may not get answers. It doesn’t matter because you’ll get the healing regardless. I, myself, did not tune into why I rejected my body, I just focused on reconnecting.
5. If you’re having trouble bringing your disconnected body back into you, talk to yourself and find reasons why your body no longer needs to be rejected. To give you my personal example, I had to just go with ideas like ‘this is the body that my family and kitties recognize as containing my essence and spirit and, therefore, they love my body as a representation of me. The recognition of my love for my cats and my family was enough to convince me that my body was worth bringing back. ***This does not have to be a drawn out emotional or mental process! You just need to get you and body energetically reunited again! The rest of the healing and development will fall into place later
6. Feel yourself merging with your body and continue on in whatever way you’re being led in this meditation journey. Once the merge happens, the goal has been achieved.
7. Over the next few days, make an effort to take note of synchronous messages and new personal feelings or mindstates that will validate your successful healing.
This exercise is meant to be simple, but go with your own flow. It took me ten minutes to do this but it might take you an hour or more! You must go with your own process. The full recalibration and integration from the healing will now take TIME, so be patient and self aware of your process, but know that you have achieved a powerful healing for yourself.


How To Get Out Of The 3D Matrix:


1. Health issue from the 3D view: Experiencing a continual feeling of not wanting it to be there because it’s causing pain and suffering, inconvenience and discomfort and might even cause death. View of it from the spiritual dimension: all physical imbalances in the body are shining a light on and attempting to clear old blocked low vibrational energy that ‘you’ have created and have been carrying around likely for quite a long time. Who wants to carry around their old stored low vibe energy from old experiences – it causes anxiety, depression, blocks TO ascension, awakening, joy, peace, abundance, etc. Your health issue is helping you to ‘see’, heal, clear and move ahead, whether it’s a headache, Covid-19, PMS or cancer. Flus/colds/fevers are excellent energy cleansers and body purgers.
2. Relationship disappointment from the 3D view: My partner isn’t behaving the way they’re supposed, they’re hurting me, they’re not being fair or kind, they’re betraying me, they’re not treating me appropriately, they’re causing me pain and stress, they’re ruining my life. View from the spiritual dimension: My partner is reflecting back to me everything that I still need to balance, clear or heal in myself, including my shadows, old belief programs, my ego and my traumas. My partner is one of my best teachers and most loving and caring healers, and the more “difficult” they are the better they are for me.
3. A fender bender from the 3D view: An unbelievable inconvenience, how dare that careless person destroy my car, now I have to spend time and money to fix it, I don’t have time for this. Why are people so careless and reckless. View from the spiritual dimension: My car is an extension of my own energy and it has drawn in a crash for a necessary transmutation in energy so that I can look at something off in my energy and unconscious I haven’t been seeing. It’s a wake up call. The fender bender is a helper for me to show me what I need in my life that I haven’t been paying attention to or to show me something that’s off that I need to face, repair or balance.
4. Protest attack view from a 3D perspective: Violent, crazy, horrible people. We should be living in peace and harmony and ‘they’ are destroying that. No one has the right to hurt others. View from the spiritual dimension: Shadows can’t hide forever, whether they’re individual or collective. World chaos and negativity bring up OUR shadows for healing as the human race. The world can’t evolve if we continue to suppress exactly where we are right now as a collective. Rogue behaviour breaks up systems and mindsets that NEED TO CHANGE.

5. Your cat from the 3D view: A little fur shedder that likes to snuggle, eat little critters, forces you to have to scoop litter, and wakes you up at 4:00 am to feed them. Your cat from the spiritual dimension view: An enlightened star being soul who has paired up with you to help clear your space from low vibe psychic debris, be your guide and protector, and heal and clear your energy, which they do particularly well at night while you sleep. And the next time you clean up their fur ball, that’s most likely your energy they purged for you. Some pet cats are even extremely high vibrational spirit guardians for you. Every cat and soul connection with a cat is unique. They are nothing short of amazing in what they’re doing for humans and this planet – from the one on one pet helpers to the big cats on the plains protecting the earth from incoming intrusions.




*Do you feel like a victim in your relationship?
*Are you a doormat for your spouse or partner?
*Does your partner not treat you the way you feel you should be treated?
If you answered yes to any of these, then you’re likely carrying the role of victim. Once you remove the victim template from your own being, your problem will be solved. It also means you’ve undertaken the task of clearing the victim template from the collective – female collective, ancestral lineages and human victim condition. So be kind and gentle with yourself in this process. This post is to shine an awareness light on it. If it touches you deep within, you’ll be taken further on your healing path.
Here are some keys ways or ideas to reflect on to release your inner victim that I hold to be true and that have worked for me throughout my life:
1. Do you walk on eggshells around your partner? If you do then simply stop doing that. They aren’t asking you to be intimidated by them. You have full, free choice to react with intimidation or not.
2. What’s a doormat? Anyone who feels they must overcompensate for who they believe they are in an attempt to get another person to behave in a way that makes the doormat person feel accepted, good enough and loved. You have a choice to either be a doormat or not, and the choice has nothing to do with your partner’s behaviour.
3. And here is what puts it all together: Your partner’s actions and behaviours toward you or just in general have absolutely nothing to do with you. When you let them do and be what they are in any moment without interference or reaction, regardless of how bad or ‘wrong’ you believe their behaviour to be, you will let them hold onto their own energy and they will then have no choice but to process their energy themselves. EVEN if the behaviour is directed toward you.

If you master these, you’ll set yourself free in a relationship that used to feel stifling, abusive, one-sided, controlled or unfulfilled, etc. Your own personal energy vibration will shift and your partner will either level up to your vibration (or you’ll be levelling up to theirs) or you’ll find a new one at your new vibration. There is nothing you need to decide on about your relationship – the energy vibration will do all the work for you. All you need to do is focus on your own vibration – remove your inner victim by deciding to not be one, the rest will then fall into place. This is a foolproof formula for every kind of relationship dynamic out there.


Old matrix: empaths feeling guilt to receive because we’ve been programmed to not receive, just give – yes it’s an actual mind program that has been running in the female and empath collectives for centuries – getting passed down through ancestral lines. The program makes us feel like we must immediately give something back to the one we received from in order to pay for it. And the gift can be a physical gift or money, advice, compassion, time, help, support, etc.
New matrix: gratefully receive the gift and then reciprocate the energy by giving what you have naturally to offer the world in any way that spontaneously arises. Put it out there just like your gifter put their natural gift out to you . Your gift may not directly reach your gifter, although it might (don’t force it) but it will reach someone in need of what you uniquely have to give.
More authenticity and balance maintained this way. Everyone has unique gifts – let them flow.




Old work matrix:
– long hours labeled as “full time”
– never making enough to feel abundant despite full time hours
– toxic coworkers, management and/or environment
– lacking in SELF fulfillment
– little opportunity to show or be your authentic self
– a feeling of never ending dependence on it to survive and provide your needs


New quantum work system:
– A LOT less hours of “work” while abundant in free time
-fluid structure
-opportunities always in motion for more and more abundance
-100 percent SELF satisfaction and ability to channel your unique authenticity through your work and every hour of every day
-zero toxicity
-providing something entirely positive, aligned and beneficial for all sentient beings and the planet


The system we call the global patriarchy created and designed the old work matrix for its own personal gain – not your gain. Notice how this system deceives and manipulates you into feeling dependent on it. Regular pay checks, allowable number of sick days, allowable number of time off days, maybe yearly bonuses for some, etc. We’ve been programmed to feel that we are being cared for and protected and supported like a father supporting a child, while not realizing we’ve been conditioned to remain in a box that never ever provides quite ‘enough’ for ‘you.’
It’s not cut and dried, many people work in conventional jobs and are happy and entirely fulfilled and supported – if that’s you then you’re not caught in the matrix. This post is for those of you who are UNhappy, stressed, tired, sick and unfulfilled but also carry a fear of losing this false sense of patriarchal security, so you keep going.
I want to tell you that if you just take the leap out of the matrix, something far more loving will support you and catch your fall. The Age of Aquarius is bringing in the new work system and dismantling and eventually obliterating the old one, so if you’ve been on the fence about what direction to go career-wise, you can be assured that if you move toward the new quantum work system you’ll be greatly rewarded for your courage. The new system is all about doing your soul work – your joy, passion, natural talents, desires.
…yes but how can I support myself financially doing something like that??? THAT’S the old patriarchal system’s programming feeding you that fear belief. Recognize it as a manipulation tactic to keep you stuck in the matrix and delete it from your mind stream and start doing what you love. The time is now for a change and a leap of faith.
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