My Soul Record Healings make energetic disconnections from your past that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. They especially focus on pastlife connections, but can include current life connections as well. Examples of energetic connections from the past that keep us stuck and held back include the following:


  • Belief programs (personal and/or ancestral)
  • Old contracts and other attachments (to other souls, to old mind-sets, or to specific circumstances)
  • Old bindings, such as ancient curses, spells, vows, oaths, or promises to self or others
  • Lost soul parts (when parts of the spirit body split off during physical or emotional traumas and remain attached to the time and place of the trauma)
  • Old energy blocks, intrusions or programs implanted or transferred into your field in the past, particularily through physical means such as foods, chemicals, tattoos, dental work, etc., but can come through other channels as well.




  • The appt is done entirely by EMAIL. You just need to email me your name and intention for healing, and then I do your soul reading healing session and email you the summary of the reading afterward. 
  • These sessions must be booked through me directly via email request. Please either send me an email or go to my contact form here to request an appt: Request a Soul Record Reading.
  • Each reading is $155.00 (includes tax)




  • They have a more narrow field of healing by focusing only on one or two specific intentions you wish to work with. The less broad the intention, the more complete the healing in one reading. But broader depth intentions can be worked with too, it may just take more than one reading session.
  • My regular energy therapy sessions are much more in-depth and transformative because I can move an enormous amount of energy out of your field, including trauma energy, and can work with a broader realm of focus in every session to get as much healing achieved as can be done according to what you’re ready to heal in any given point in time.
  • Both techniques heal your energy, but my regular energy therapy uses channeled energy frequencies that come through my own field in order to pack a much more powerful punch. This is why appts are longer, more in depth, and come with a higher cost. My soul record healings utilize more of an energy repairing technique, as I make the needed disconnections from the past without the need for high levels of channeled energy. Can also come with a powerful punch depending on the level of grip the old connection is having on your current life.
  • In both methods, I enter the all-encompassing energetic field known as the akashic records for each person I work with


  • Lisa’s Energy Therapy: life-transforming and deep healing


  • Lisa’s Soul Record Healing: focused healing to get you unstuck from something



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