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This is the crud and muck that was created in past experiences of fear, trauma, despair and self judgement (current and past lives – personal and collective) and can block emotional balance and peace, physical health, high energy vibration, and spiritual evolution acceleration and ascension. It’s the stuff of your shadows and the shadows of your ancestors, and if you’re truly ready for it, its transmutation will liberate you and set your spirit free.

If you find yourself coming for an energy therapy session with me, then you are in need of a deep purge of the old to get you to your next level—that is what I help people with. Together we can root out the buried chains and binds of your fears and your past, raising your energy vibration and accelerating spiritual growth.


  • I channel healing energies of various frequencies through your energy field via Shamanic and psychic pathways (through my hands) to clear unconscious energy patterns and blockages, and an analysis of your energy as it presented itself and changed in your session is discussed with you afterward. (You may record and/or take notes on my post- session verbal summary.)
  • My healing technique does not always feel relaxing for the receiver, and you may notice that I will sometimes yawn, cough, clear my throat, sigh, deep breathe, whipser, or feel restless or tense during your session. This is all part of helping you to release energy.
  • Energy blocks come up in layers according to what you’re ready for at any given point in your life. Energy block layers can be made up of unresolved childhood emotional energy, trauma energy, past life energy, ancestral energy, fragmented or misaligned energy, or energy absorbed from around you or influencing you, and more. I also can only facilitate healing for you in sacred relationship with your higher self and so not entirely in control of what your energy presents itself with for healing when you come for a session with me. But together we can work with intentions set prior to the session, which is an essential and highly constructive part of your healing process.
  • I have an innate ability to feel energy with my body and sensory system and then make the needed changes. This is my primary method of energy healing. I do not do Reiki or other taught techniques, even though I do teach traditional Usui Reiki classes.
  • Healing happens through a clearing process in which lower vibrational energy (fear, negative mental programs, trapped emotions, karmic energy, etc.) is cleared in increments (as I described above). In clearing low vibration energy from your field, a higher vibration automatically and naturally fills in the space (because you are already divine in nature) and your healing and spiritual awakening process is accelerated. This is a peeling-away process—not a building or creative process.
  • This is also how you reach a state of self love. “Love yourself” is talked about a lot in the realms of spirituality and self-help, but can feel frustrating and even impossible for many of us to reach. This is because we cannot experience a state of self love until we transmute and transform the parts of ourselves that we reject and hate. The sources of self hatred and self judgement were created in the past and can remain stuck in our energy and psyche until we uproot those sources.
  • Energy healing works simply by healing energy – nothing else. It’s your healed energy that then goes to work on healing your other levels of physical, mental and emotional being, and this is why there is a temporary processing time after each session, which can include mild to severe detox and integration processing symptoms. How quickly your healed energy heals the rest of you depends on ‘you’. You are the only one in control of choices in your healing, whether conscious or unconcious, and so you always have the choice to surrender to your healed energy and allow it to heal the whole and move you ahead. This is why you must work with these sessions on all levels and in whatever ways you are drawn to, such as with dreamwork, self reflection and awareness and/or in conjunction with other healing techniques you may find appearing on your path in order to get the most out of them.
  • My energy healing method is best suited to those who are interested in multi-dimensional self insight and deep personal healing work. It is not suitable for anyone who is only curious, only looking for psychic and/or past life information, or not taking an active role in their own healing or spiritual journey at this time in their life.
  • What you experience or feel somatically in an energy therapy session solely depends on the level of your own energy-sensing ability. Some people can feel their own energy, while some people can’t. Whether you do or not has no effect on the outcome of your session. Most people tend not to feel energy releases in their session in accurate proportion to what’s actually being released because releases are mainly processed through my energy channel. In trauma release, you will automatically (and unconsciously) detach from the trauma energy as it’s clearing so that you don’t feel it at all. This allows for non-resistance to release.


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“Juniper” from The Wisdom of Trees Oracle, Jane Struthers, 2012

benefits & outcomes

If you are committed to your own healing process and fully ready for it, tougher challenges and conditions can ultimately be healed or at least improved to various degrees over a series of multiple energy therapy sessions. But all outcomes are entirely dependant on YOU and your level of self awareness, spiritual connection, sincere desire for change, and how much effort you put into yourself and your healing and evolution. You may experience the following ~

  • Complete transformation (physically, emotionally, spiritually, circumstantially)
  • Healing of disease or pain
  • Healing of mental or emotional conditions
  • Transformation of negative relationship patterns
  • Healing of addictions
  • Shift in your environment (people, places, jobs, etc.)
  • Change in tough life circumstance patterns (financial, family, stress, etc.)
  • Release from your past no matter how traumatic

On a more immediate and subtle level, however, and after experiencing only one or two energy therapy sessions, you may begin to notice that things just start to change and feel different  ~

  • A physical symptom may improve, lessen, or disappear
  • Anxiety may lessen or disappear
  • Physical or mental energy may improve
  • Excess clutter, weight or inactivity may begin to move
  • New insights into yourself, situations or life in general is very common
  • You may suddenly gain clarity on a difficult decision, circumstance, or relationship
  • People’s behaviour toward you or situations in your life may somehow suddenly just change as if by magic
  • You may have the ability emotionally to let something go that you didn’t have the strength or insight to do before
  • A painful past may now have a more neutral feeling to it
  • Compulsive negative thinking or self-sabotage may now let go
  • Negative reactions to particular people or situations may change
  • Something that was once too frightening to do may now not feel as overwhelming
  • New ideas or decisions may now flow easier or spring up out of the blue
  • New opportunities may be presented
  • Communication or self expression may start to flow better
  • Emotions or moods may lift

You may also feel a new sense of ~

  • Freedom
  • Inspiration
  • Awareness
  • Empowerment
  • Peace
  • Vitality
  • Clarity
  • Inner security
  • Grounding and calm
  • Lightness in body or mind

Your connection to your spirit will deepen ~ your past will be released ~ a new understanding of yourself will become clearer ~ new paths will synchronistically appear ~ and abundant possibility will now flow freely from within you.

The whole process can be gradual and subtle for some, while for others have a sudden, momentous impact 💜

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