Lisa Malcolm

For those of you interested in knowing a little about me…

It was an ordinary afternoon in 1992 when I had my university graduation photo taken, but an innocent comment that day would stay with me from that moment on. My friend, who was next in line, came out of the studio and told me that the photographer said it was so much easier to capture a spark of life and enthusiasm in her eyes than it was with the previous girl. The previous girl being me, of course, was a realization that I knew to be true but hadn’t been aware that other people could see it. It didn’t seem possible for me to feel genuinely excited or happy about anything because all I ever remembered feeling in my life was an overwhelming sense of dread and sadness.

Two years later, at the age of 23, I had a moment of complete clarity that I didn’t want to live in depression anymore. Within a matter of minutes I began the process of changing my life. I immersed myself in intense personal work, began studying various spiritual beliefs and practices, and soon woke up to a connection with life that was far beyond my feelings and problems.

This new view of life continued to expand as I eventually ventured out into the world. I lived abroad for 12 years and was able to see and experience many different countries and cultures, which has opened my heart and mind in immensely profound ways—an education (and evolution) that cannot be gained from books or workshops alone.

In 2001, I studied at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Nepal, where the states of awakening and mindfulness became rooted as my primary life purpose. This further opening in my perception of life has remained and has led me on a path of energy work where I have discovered the subtle world of energy to be in direct connection with the essence of who we ultimately are.

I have over 17 years of energy healing experience as well as training in various energy work systems, including Integrated Energy Therapy® (Master-Instructor) and Usui Reiki (8th Generation Master/Teacher). But my primary method of energy healing comes from a naturally shamanic awareness of energy, psychic healing and an innate ability to feel energy with my own body and sensory channels and then change what needs to be changed. In addition to energy work, I have an honours degree in archaeology and a master’s degree in Islamic art history from the University of Toronto.

On a more personal level, I have myself experienced multiple emotional and mental challenges throughout my life, including depression, anxiety, social anxiety, OCD & intrusive thoughts, perfectionism, anti-depression medication, suicidal ideation, depersonalization, hormonal imbalance, addiction, disempowering relationships, shame, sexual violation, disordered eating, and phobias. I also have personal experience working with Ayahuasca plant medicine, as well as in twin flame relationship dynamics.

As a full time energy therapy practitioner, I look forward every day to using my skills and abilities to empower people on their path to self-healing and help them experience freedom from limiting patterns and fear. And in the words of one of my best friends – What would you do if you had no fear? 🌟

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